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Lube the parking brake?

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My parking brake handle is kinda wonky. Is there a way to lube the parking brake mechanism so it’s engagement and disengagement is more positive?


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Check the phillips head screw under the handle for tightness first. Then there is a plastic connector behind tconsole that the handle is attached to which may have gotten displaced. It is not attached to the metal rod, it's just a slide on piece. The small side door on the right side of the console will give you access to both the parking brake and cruise control rods to check for play.
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Thanks. I’ll check it out.
I had the same thing. Just loosened the bolts that connect the break pedal to the cross rod underneath, and pulled back on the pedal and tightened them back down. That bit of tolerance is just enough to give you more room to press the pedal down further, to allow you to release the parking break lock easily. Hope this helps!


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