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Lumber from power poles.

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I posted to this section because we did use a truck and dump trailer. Near where I live they replaced a bunch of large wooden poles for high tension lines. A friend wanted them and a particular land owner didn’t want the old poles so it was a help yourself thing. I took my 2025r and helped him load them on his trailer with my forks. He kept saying how light weight they were. When I saw them I thought no way I’m picking those up but they were 50 tp 70 years old and very dry so I was able to load them.

He hauled them to a sawmill owned by the Amish and today I helped him load the lumber and watched him mill a few. This stuff was all cedar and made some excellent lumber.
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Nice, Looks good. If ya don't mind, what did it cost ya? And how many poles did it take to get that much finished product?
I got a pile of old ones in my back yard, and once I finish the job I'm currently on, I'm gonna get another pile of old cedar, and fur.
I started plaining old cross arms on Sunday. I should buy a table saw, trim the fat first, then plain them. It's a lot of work just plaining them down.

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Right on. Good friend in you! Thanks for sharing.
The poles were free. It didn’t cost him anything to load them, I did that for free also. The bill for the milling was $250. The picture with my hands on the wood sitting on the cart is about 2/3 of the total he got. I bet if you added up the total cost, fuel, wear and tear etc it would be $300 his cost. He texted me a couple of screen shots of what cedar lumber costs at Lowe’s. I’d estimate there is at least $2000 worth of lumber there and probably closer to $4000.

I think he got a total of 12 poles, and these were bigger diameter than a normal pole, some were 12 feet long and some were 10 feet. We cut some to length before we loaded them.
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That would be osmose treatment. They drill holes at a 45, and insert what looks like a cO2 cartridge into the whole, and plug it. Supposed to retreat the wood, to gain extra life out of it.
No idea what the actual chemical treatment consists of. The plugs are blatantly obvious, sometimes cork, sometimes plastic.
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