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Lumber from power poles.

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I posted to this section because we did use a truck and dump trailer. Near where I live they replaced a bunch of large wooden poles for high tension lines. A friend wanted them and a particular land owner didn’t want the old poles so it was a help yourself thing. I took my 2025r and helped him load them on his trailer with my forks. He kept saying how light weight they were. When I saw them I thought no way I’m picking those up but they were 50 tp 70 years old and very dry so I was able to load them.

He hauled them to a sawmill owned by the Amish and today I helped him load the lumber and watched him mill a few. This stuff was all cedar and made some excellent lumber.
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I been doing that since I was a lineman. I used to do a lot of wood working. Made our daughter play house 12x14 x14 high years ago, now the grandkids play in it. The saw mills that I used would charge you or take 1/4 of the boards. You had to make sure no nails or staples was in it. If the hit one the bandsaw blades are $75.00 each, I always used my metal detector. You take the pole from 8' up usually no garage dale signs that high up .
Most of ours are cedar poles, our secondly poles average 55-65'. Our primary poles goes from 70' to 145' lots of lumber out of them.
Thanks you for calling them power poles or utility poles and not telephone poles👍
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I never took the first 12' starting at the butt end.
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