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Lx 178

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I have a good running LX 178. I recently built a cab for winter and added a snowblower. I would like to add a small heater inside the cab but I'm not sure what my electrical system will handle. Any HELP?????
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Welcome to DT!

I don't think you will be able to run any type of electrical heater on your LX. I would suggest a propane "golf cart heater" like this:

But you may find just being out of the wind and falling snow that a heater is not really needed.
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Welcome to the Forum.

We would really, really, really like to see your handy work. Can you post a photo of that cab?
X2 on the pics!!! Ditto on the golf cart propane heather as well. Alot of guy's use them and I have not heard one bad thing about it.
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