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Got my 42" pallet fork from ebay for $429.00. (prices has jumped since I brought it). Free shipping and delivery is fast. It fits perfectly with H120. Interchange with JD bucket is easy task even for me.

The only problem I see it just does not have backrest. I did not realize I need backrest until I start to use the pallet fork.

So I got some 2x4x8 lumber and drill some holes to fasten a backrest. Less than $10 and I am happy.

It does not look too pretty but it works for me. Already moved a big wood box (4'x8'x8')down to barn.

Since I have some wood pallet around, I also made a Safety Cage with extra 2x4x8. I stand on it to trim some tree branch. It is a little bit shaky right now.
Need to find a way to secure with my backrest but it is less than $10 too.


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