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Well, I think if you set the 62D on my 2520 at the max height, and cut the lawn, then went out and looked for the longest piece of cut grass that was laying at a 45 degree angle and straightened it up, it might be 5.5" long. :tongue:
I haven't measured, but it sure looks to me like a 4" thick lawn is about the max I can get out of it. Now maybe Deere measures the max height by putting the mower at the max height and parking the tractor on a flat parking lot and measuring the height from the blacktop to the mower blades, but I don't see how you'd get over about 4" in the real world. That's about how high it looks to me.

Like I said, I haven't gone out and measured it, all I know is I can't cut as high as I used to with my old 40U and rear finish mower, and it isn't like I used to leave the grass 6" long with the old mower. I might do my last mowing this weekend, so if you want I'll make a cut and go measure it.

I will say that the cut is beautiful, and I no longer mind the shorter cut, in fact I like it because it is very even. The 62D has about a 5" larger effective cut width than my old mower, but it floats much better and I don't get any scalping.
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