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MDF "Machined Edge" Sealing

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Minus a piano hinge and some other misc. hardware, I'm almost done the toybox I started. Earlier today I googled what I should use to seal the MDF Edges....still dont have an answer....
-Titebond/Water mixture
-Sanding Sealer
-Automotive Enamel Paint
-Bondo/Glazing Putty
I've got pretty much all the above in stock here....So "cost" isnt a concern as I'd just use what I got.
Finish Coat is gonna be JD Green & Yellow...I was planning on having some Interior Latex paint matched & mixed...BUT I suppose I could spray it with the Genuine JD Enamel now that warmer weather is here...

Any tips on the edge sealing and/or paint?
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I just use Kilz primer, the water-based version before I paint MDF. The edge will get rough so I just sand with #150, then #220 before the next coat.
I have had the best luck with spray laquer, quick to dry and doesn't raise the grain as much as water based paint. Either will work though if you sand lightly between coats as mentioned above.
Hey Dave we are waiting for some pictures.:nunu:
LOL Randy, I KNEW That was coming...been BUSY with visit and such lately...I'll take some pics this weekend hopefully. I'll have a couple things to take pics of. Getting that JD Job Box I got for Christmas today...Long Story.
When all else fails.. Glue..
I've been woodworking for years (since '75). And ....I just thru out about 2 cu.yards of magazines :D. I have read numerous times over the years,and finally tried it a couple of years ago, to seal the edge with drywall mud. It's easy to apply and easier to sand smooth (just a wash coat). It really does well!
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