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Stuff needed.

Medaglione al Gorgonzola.

2-4 Beef tenderloin medallions, cut 1-3/4" to 2" thick.
2 cloves fresh Garlic chopped fine.
4oz package of Crumbled Gorgonzola, or wedge crumbled to approx. 1 cup volume. 2 Tbsp reserved.
3/4 cup of heavy cream/Heavy whipping cream.
Flour to dust medallions.
1/2 tsp. Nutmeg.
1 Tbsp Olive oil. divided.
1 Sprig fresh Rosemary.
Butane/propane torch.:lol:

Roasted Veggies.

2 cups fresh or thawed Brussel sprouts.
8 B sized Red Taters. Halved and sliced 1/4"
1 cup peeled baby Carrots.
1 Lg. Vidalia Onion Chopped Med/Lg. (Lesser sweet onions work, but Vidalias are best...always!)
4 cloves of garlic sliced thin.
4Tbsp EV Olive Oil. Divided in half.
2 Tbsp Basalmic (Break the good stuff out)
Salt, pepper to taste.

Pre-heat oven to 375.

Toss all veggies, Garlic and Onions in a large Cast Iron Skillet.
Drizzle with 2 Tbsp of Olive oil, and toss to coat.
Place in oven on lower rack set approx. 6" from bottom.

Cook for 30 Min. Stir, cook for 15 Min., add remaining Olive oil and stir again. Then turn oven to 400 degrees, and cook until Medallions are done, or sprouts are Carmelized and starting to char slightly.

While cooking veggies, prep Medallions by rolling in flour to coat, and set aside.

In a small sauce pan.
Saute' finely Chopped garlic in 1/2Tbsp of oil for about 1 Min. lower heat to Med.
Add Cream, and stir constantly while adding Gorgonzola until fully melted into cream. Do not allow Cream to boil, or scortch.
Add Nutmeg, and reduce heat to simmer while stirring frequently, as sauce thickens and reduces.

At the last turning of the veggies, Heat remaining 1/2 Tbsp of oil an oven safe skillet to searing temp.
Just about smoke point for Olive oil will suffice.

Sear outside edges of the medallions lightly to seal juices, and 2-3 Min each side.

Once both sides are seared, toss in the 400 degree oven on top rack set in the middle of oven.


Rare= 6-7 Min.
Med= 8-10 Min.
Any longer and you are commiting a crime against food, and disrespecting the noble critter.

When time is up, pull both skillets if Veggies havn't been pulled already.
(Note the new Christmas Skillet from Mrs. Yote.:yahoo:)

Immediately plate Medallions offset by 1/3.

Veggies should look so.
Carmelized and sprouts lightly charred.

Spoon 1Tbsp of Basalmic opposite of medallion for veggies to rest on, and spoon veggies on top.

Spoon Gorgonzola/cream over Medallions, untill it runs and makes a good puddle.
Add Reserved 1 Tbsp of crumbled Gorgonzola to top of each Medallion.

Fire up Torch, and carmelize/brown the cheese and sauce. (Sneak up on it, yellow flame erupting on the cheese means you're too close! :lol:)
Approx 45 seconds of heat is sufficient. Just give it a nice tan and melt the cheese a little.

Salt and pepper Veggies to taste, and add Rosemary to medallions.

Medallions should have the respect of at least 10 Min. to rest, from bieng abused in the oven, before getting attacked with a fork.
Plenty of time for cheese and torch work, so don't rush. Let the juices from the beef mingle with the taters can be run through it later.:fed:

Good luck and Buon Appitito!!!!

Any questions, just holler!!
I probably left something out, as I don't use recipies, and work off the top of my bald and pointy head.:lol:


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To quote dieselshadow: You're making me hungry!

That looks YUMMY!

And congrats on the new skillet! Awesome gift to receive! :thumbup1gif:

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To quote dieselshadow: You're making me hungry!

That looks YUMMY!

And congrats on the new skillet! Awesome gift to receive! :thumbup1gif:


It's a bit rustic, but the Combo is a favorite here. Beef tenderloins bought whole, are often cheaper than buying T-Bone cuts, at least here.
I picked up the last one for just under 6 bucks a lb., and each will yield 5-6 Medallions, plus breakfast cuts for 3-4 days.
Call me crazy, but I'll save the last Freezer cow for the spring and summer grill at that price.:laugh:

I'm a huge fan of Cast Iron, and the Mineral steel De Buyer line is a no brainer. They are just ugly until fully seasoned, so thank goodness they season up really quickly. If a guy is used to old Cast Iron, they take some adjusting to though. They heat up a LOT faster but maintain the heat soak just as long.

Did I mention I married above my class?:lol:

GTT's Pilot in Command (PIC)
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I LOVE my old cast iron cookware. I have a couple of pieces that belonged to my grandmother! The rest, I have added along the way, when I could find, and afford, a quality piece! Take care of cast iron, and it will last many generations!

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Same here/

Oldest We have is a 6", plain jane no name skillet made for Sears by Wagner in the 1890's.
It and the 12" Wagner were the only things recovered from a fire that Killed Grannys Mom and dad on my moms side, in 1913.
Granny used both almost daily, right up to the week before she passed, and we use both heavily still.
Our other Cast stuff is newer from the 30's and 40's, and was handed down as well, except for a few pieces picked up at Barn sales.

There is no modern equivalent to the finish on them, Teflon, and the other wonder non-stick stuff is a joke. Have been given several "New" non stick, and ceramic coated pans over the the years, and they all end up in the scrap bin headed to the dump within a year.

Gotta admit that the Mineral steel DeBuyer pans have thier own thing going on, and are impressive in thier own right.
The finish when raw, is much less porous than cast, so they season up quickly, and heat up real FAST and evenly.
I doubt they will replace the Cast Iron, but add to the tool box, and not go to crap any century soon.
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