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Media Library - Deere 3520 cab headlight and work light mod

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Deere 3520 cab headlight and work light mod
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Deere 3520 cab headlight and work light mod (4 min 30 sec)
Uploaded on 01-15-2011 at 03:51 PM by Brian
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The headlight / work light project: Hella Oval 100 Double Beam Work Lamp (Long Range). Bought them for $60 each.

I have been really unhappy with the amount of light that the factory lights put out. So I bought the Hella lights and installed them. I had to do some creative modifications, but I'm REALLY happy with the outcome.

I removed the front factory lights and brackets. I then removed the flashers and drilled a hole up through the bottom of them. The way they are designed, their is a "pocket" behind the actual amber light so I didn't have to actually drill into the light cavity so they are still completely sealed. I mounted the bracket for each Hella light underneath the flasher housing (almost the same way the rear work lights are factory mounted). Next I took the brackets off and painted them black since they were silver. Not a necessary step, but it looked better. You'll also notice that these new lights have two sets of 55 watt bulbs in each housing (110 watts each vs 37 watts each for factory). There are three wires on the back; low beam hot, high beam hot, and ground. Now since there are only two wires for the factory lights I had to tap into my beacon hot, which worked out perfect because I can now get another factory switch and plug it into my "beacon harness" located on the side panel. This will allow me to toggle my extra lights on the front from a switch that will be right next to my rear work lights. I did test this with my factory rear work light switch plugged into the "beacon" harness and it worked perfect, four lights on up front now with the switch on. Also, doing this gave me two extra lights that I can use on the rear. I did install both of them, you will notice on the back I have two extra lights pointed to the side. I took the brackets, plugs, and light assemblies and mounted it to the outside of my existing rear work light bracket. It worked perfect, almost like it was meant to be there. I wire tapped into the other light and now I have four back lights.

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Deere 3520 cab headlight and work light mod
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I realize this is an old thread, but figured it might be worth a shot asking. You said each light had 3 wires. I see the beacon hot lead on my tractor on the left hand side of the cab behind the flasher. How do you connect the other light to the 3rd power wire? Did you remove the roof and run through the rubber gromet and over to the other side? I am deciding what light upgrades to make and wanted to ask that question.

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