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Metric Screw Size........Help!!

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I need a 'itty-bitty' screw for a John Deere 4200 Turn Signal Switch handle! I know this sound stupid, but I bought a new switch when it was 'bound-up'. (A $80-venture, no handle or screw included) . I got into it this weekend and when I tried to back out the old screw, it snapped off almost flush. Without a screw to use as a replacement I went to JDParts and searched. Found one simular that calls it a 3.175x9.525 metric! Go to a well stocked Hardware store and they're 3m's or 4m's. Don't want to cross thread into this expensive switch. Any suggestions? TIA ~Scotty

PS: In us measure it's about 3/32x1/2" and a fine thread! ~S
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Got a fastenal handy? Betcha they would have one. Also you can search (and purchase) online:
No prob, but a word of caution now that I think about it... Fastenal *sometimes* does the same thing, at least here in Nova Scotia. However, I don't think they impose that on you when ordering online, and they ship to your closest store for pickup.

Yes I do, Dellwas! Just a brief update as I said I went and 'splurged' with about a 35 cent purchase at the Hardware Store for a 3mm that might work. Today I went to a JD Compact dealer with the screw and washer part numbers, the 'exchange went like this: JD- "No, sorry, not in stock!" ........ME- "Can you order them?"......JD- "Yes, but the screws come in a box of 50, and the washers come in 25's" .......ME- Thanks! No Thanks! So I'm now looking for 49 'friends that need a screw that holds on the turn signal switch, and 24 friends that need the associated washer..........!:laugh: I'll check Fastenal! Thanks! ~Scotty
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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