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Thank you all very much. Good information. Sounds as long as it is wide with respect to quality.

Leaning towards the 3PH Rear unit. I will have to Bush Hog also so I'll get the hang of something out the back. I played with my cousin's 3320 and a rear mower and didn't have an issue. Liked being able to back into the corners to square off when needed. With the HST it made quick work of it.

I have a 2305 with a 60" Befco side discharge 3pt finish mower. I have also had tractors with MMM's as well.

Just like anything, it takes some getting used to. Once I figured out the best angle of attack for my yard, I can cut about as fast with the rear mount as I could with a mmm. Both have thier advantages and disadvantages and most of those have been convered pretty well. What works well for one is anothers headache. You know your needs best.

Everytime I read the threads about issues with the drive-over / auto connect system, I go give my old 3pt mower deck a shot of grease and some TLC. If you're gonna take the deck on/off much, I would suggest the rear mount. I don't have a quick hitch, but it only takes me a couple minutes to connect or disconnect. I can drop my deck anywhere I want to in the shop or the yard. My setup never changes and nothing needs adjusted or fiddled with. When it is sitting on the shop floor, I can easily move it anywhere I want to, it has its own casters.

60" is the max that I would consider a side discharge chute. Over that you have a lot of grass comming out the side. In heavy grass there is still a lot of grass comming out of my deck and it is hard not to leave a noticable row of cut grass. (Mine scatters it over 6 feet). If I were to buy another one, I would definately lean toward the rear discharge, especially for field mowing.

As far as MMM's go, I like the 62C deck I had on my 2210. It took a couple minutes to connect/disconnect but it was reliable. The only down side to it was needing the space beside the tractor to pull it out. I'm glad I still have the option of putting this same deck on my 2305 if I ever want a mmm.

For dependability and reliability, I like the KISS principle (and my rear mount finish mower).
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