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Howdy everyone, I have a 2013 2520 that I have been using since new with just under 600 hrs. Over the years I have been adding to my arsenal of implements and attachments to make my life easier around my acreage. Few years ago I was able to pick up a 26 broom for a reasonable price. It had both the lift and swing cylinders but no mount or pto shaft. It came off a 4200 originally. JAllen was kind enough to get me the measurements off of his mount to allow me fabricate a mount to work on my 2520. I tried fabricating a pto shaft out of some old ones but that didn't turn out, too weak for the load and twisted and bent the shaft. So I do some research on to see what shafts may work and call my dealer to fine tune my selection on a driveshaft to learn they don't offer specs on parts anymore unless they are in stock. So I am asking to see if anyone has any information on some part numbers or the updated numbers to make something work.
I have roughly 53 inches with the setup of bearings and shafts between the mid mount and my front hitch. I can modify my hitch and bearings if need be but with out knowing length and specs its hard to know what to order. Being its a 300 plus dollar order and not wanting to pay restock fees trying to get the best options.

ST648242, AM128369, BM19576 are the numbers for the 4200 mid shaft which JAllen measured at just under 54" collapsed with splined ends. It looks like the slug for the solid shaft is at the end of the long pipe. this is a possibility but it is very tight on tolerances for attaching with out cutting the shaft down.

LVB25966 may be a possible use if anyone can get some measurements on it.

Basically any one inch 15 spline driveshaft to run this broom that can be left on the mount and telescope to attach to the tractor would be helpful. Look forward to your knowledge.

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