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Middle Buster

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OK Boys, I couldn't wait to get home and try all of your ideas. I losened the lower arm sway bars, angled the blade near neutral and added weight to the MB. I went into the yard and tried it. Same results, so I tightened up the top link all the way and it worked a little better. Then I added a nut under the blade to angle it more and it dug in real good. I can only dig about 6" deep, but it will work great for bustin up what I need. I will make some modifications later to allow it to go deeper for installing a conduit from the house to the garage on my 10th. street house project. I included some pictures for those of you who appreciate them. I also made an iron adapter linkage that allows me to install the MB on my QH. I got a lot done in the short time since gittin home. You will notice I didn't even allow the black paint to dry enough. I will also need to drill more holes lower on the new bracket. Thanks for everyone's help


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Great KHOP, glad you are getting some better results! And thanks for the pics. With your welding ability, you will be able to tweak things to get the results you want. The MB on my old X728 didn't dig in too much, but it does great on the 1026r and I didn't have to adjust things much. The Quick Hitch looks great too. I picked one up at Harbor Freight about a month ago and just took it out of the box, and am anxious to get it set up.:thumbup1gif:
Quick Hitch

Hey , the HF QH is exactly the same as the Nortrac. Sep you didn't have to pay shipping, Congrats

That looks exactly like the MB, as you call it, Subsoiler, as it's called around here, that I have except the "plow" on mine is only about 6 to 8 inches where yours looks much wider than that. I can see where you'd need some extra weight to pull that plow into the ground. Great pictures, thanks, and good luck with your project.
Lookin' good Ken!

Thanks for the update. Good stuff! :thumbup1gif:
Hey KHOP, I have the same MB and QH as you do on my 05. I have my hook set to the lowest position, don't need the extra bracket you fabbed up for yours. I'm guessing you have another attachment that uses the high hook setting?


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