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Might be looking at a 3520....

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The Deere tractor chooser says I am looking for a 2720 or 3520... So I am leaning to the larger tractor. I understand I can get the 72" drive over deck. I am going to get a loader, bucket forks, and some sort of snow moving stuff. The forks will be for logs....

I will get an open station I guess.... Anyone have any suggestions on how to configure the tractor for a price...... Or suggestions on implements for food plot, lawn, cutting up wood, and landscaping?:munch:
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What? No Randolph Scott, no Woody Strode, no Gary Cooper?

some suggestions and Questions:
Bucket - 61 or 73 heavy Duty
box blade
Log splitter - wood splitting or is it really cutting you want to do?
Snow Plow - 66" plus extension or Snow Blower (Rear version is cheaper)
How big of a food plot?
What type of Landscaping?
I would purchase the larger R4 tires as an option.

Automotive cruise would be nice for mowing the yard!

I would get the CX loader for the extra lift.
i would get:
72" auto connect mmd
300cx loader with bucket
frontier AF11 plow for the loader with the hydro angle kit
frontier FP12 foodplot seeder
R4 large tires on both front and back
frontier box blade
maybe some forks

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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