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Missing Zerk Fitting 2020 JD 1023E

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Just wanted to make sure others buying the 1023 or 1026 check this. I wanted to hit my zerk fittings on the drive shafts with some JD multi-purpose grease even though I only have 38 hrs, but I can’t quite get it done since the CV joint closest to the engine (the hard to get at one) is missing it’s zerk fitting. It looks like it just backed off and is clean inside, so hopefully I can figure out the size and get it up in there to screw it on without cross threading it or contaminating the bearings. I am debating waiting until winter and sending the whole tractor to the dealer for this, the intermittent warning light on the dash relating to the reverse pedal wiring code 523591 code 14, and broken weld on the air filter support bracket, and the MMM level (if I cannot get it right). No JD Power Initial Quality Award for JD so far.

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No joy on the JD parts website. You can only buy the $341 shaft which includes both CV joints.
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KTManiac is probably right. I may have the dealer fix it as getting a socket up in there is going to extensively exercise my long retired colorful Sailor vocabulary. They will either replace the whole shaft or use a replacement zerk as they likely have a box of them like Jimmy said.
Took a few weeks and having to argue that the zerk WAS indeed missing even after showing them a picture. They replaced the whole drive shaft even though I suggested just replacing the zerk. $225 for pickup and delivery plus an hours labor to look at the mmm deck height that still isn’t right. I hope they didn’t have to completely pull the tractor apart to fix the zerk.
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