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MMM arms dropping on 1026R

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Just wondering if other 1026R owners are experiencing the MMM hydraulic arms dropping down (when mower is not on). On mine, have to keep raising them back up, every couple hours or so. Have the SCV locked, so am not accidentally lowering the arms.... apparently have slow hydraulic bypass, seep or some such?
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Thanks for this tip! I totally missed this while reading through the manual. Although it sounds like an unnecessary pain, I'll try it tomorrow. So, first raise the deck fully, put mower height adjustment in Lock position, then rotate Rate of Drop control fully clockwise and deck should truly lock in the upright position. Right?

Another question. In another thread it was mentioned that the dummy plug on the lower dash was for an Independent Mower Control Switch. Does Deere have any plans to actually make this available? What advantage would this switch have?
It's kind of the "mystery" option. You can see a wire called out to this non-existent switch in the wiring diagram. There's a plug below the dash for the switch. However, there's no switch listed in parts. There's nothing mentioned in the manual or any other place on the Deere site.

So it's normal for the deck to lower slightly. This is a slight pain as it won't always keep the wheels from touching the ground as I work with the loader.

I've found that you must disconnect the hydraulic line from the yellow terminal going to the mower and hook up the corresponding yellow line from the loader otherwise the "recirc" won't work right. (Bucket won't drop quickly). But once the hydraulic line to the mower is disconnected it's impossible to raise to "full up" after it gently floats down a little from the locked position.
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