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MMM arms dropping on 1026R

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Just wondering if other 1026R owners are experiencing the MMM hydraulic arms dropping down (when mower is not on). On mine, have to keep raising them back up, every couple hours or so. Have the SCV locked, so am not accidentally lowering the arms.... apparently have slow hydraulic bypass, seep or some such?
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2305 is exactly the same way. Use the rate of drop valve fully closed to lock the lift arms in the up position.
Just looked at my 1026R, it has not been started today and the arms are down. I'm not sure and I will try it myself, but seems you could raise the arms and then put the deck hight adjustment in the lock mode and that should stop that.
That will help only if you are using the mechanical lift of the arms to raise and lower the deck, the independant lift removes the deck from this equation. And here is what will happen. The deck and arms will settle to the lock up position. The weight of the arms will now still want to continue their descent (due to their own weight) and will unless you lock it by closing the rate control knob. Here is an extract from the manual.


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Thanks for this tip! I totally missed this while reading through the manual. Although it sounds like an unnecessary pain, I'll try it tomorrow. So, first raise the deck fully, put mower height adjustment in Lock position, then rotate Rate of Drop control fully clockwise and deck should truly lock in the upright position. Right?
If you have the mechanical lift only this will work. You do not need to use the mower height knob.

If you have the independent lift the mower control height in the the full lockup position is only way to hold the deck up. Note that the deck will drop slightly with this arrangement.

Another question. In another thread it was mentioned that the dummy plug on the lower dash was for an Independent Mower Control Switch. Does Deere have any plans to actually make this available? What advantage would this switch have?
Sorry, I am unframiliar with this option. It just doesn't make sense with the mechanics of these lifts. Are your referring to the cruise control switch?
Independent Lift Info.

Here is some info on how the independent lift works.

And I agree with Ken, remove the mower deck to do loader work. :good2:
Ok by locking the rock shaft with the rate control knob will this also keep the MMM from functioning correctly when its installed. in essence what im asking is can you use the MMM functions in a mechanical lift setup (not independent) but keep the rock shaft from moving if you use the rate lock knob. thanks
To sum it all up, if you are using the rockshaft to lift your deck, and you lock out the rock shaft you have in a sense locked out your mmm. The thing you have to keep in mind is that the rockshaft and the independent lift is only the lifting mechanism for the deck. If you lock the deck in the full up position (transport) via the cutting height control knob you then have full use of the 3pt. I hope this answers your question. What is it you are trying to do?
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