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MMM Mower Installation Problems (60d autoconnect on 1025r with autoconnect pto)

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A few days ago, I reinstalled my 60d autoconnect deck on my 2018 1025r with autoconnect pto, and I am running into a couple issues that I did not experience last year (first year I owned this tractor), and I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Problem 1.
When trying to install the deck, the tractor pushed the deck instead of driving over the deck.

I used my load and go to place the deck in the same spot on my asphalt driveway that I used last year to install/remove the deck... then I dropped my loader, put the tractor in low gear and 4wd, but after several attempts the tractor would not drive over the deck (tractor just slid/pushed the deck)

Then I repeated this process on 2 other spots on my driveway... same result.

Then I put vinyl car mats under sides and front of deck... same result.

I moved deck to another spot on driveway, did not use car mats, and the tractor finally drove over the deck, and the deck installed ok. This time I had the loader (no bucket) on.

Last year I was able to easily drive on and off the deck without this problem and I did not have the loader on last year. The only differences I can think of between this year and last year is that the driveway was a touch damp (morning dew) and the temp was cooler (65 vs 80+ last year) and this year I had the loader on when the tractor finally drove over the deck.

Any thoughts about why the tractor had difficulty driving over the deck?

Problem 2.
This year the blades were 1” to 1.5“ out of level side to side... low side was discharge side. This was very noticeable in the cut quality. My visual inspection of linkages on both sides did not show any obvious differences, but I gave the deck a shake on both sides but that did not fix the problem. My next attempt to fix this was to disconnect the deck, then reconnect the deck... that improved the blade level but blades are still out of level almost 0.5”. My question is... why were blades Level at the end of last season, but not at the start of this season?

Problem 3.
I can’t drive off the deck... but I figure the solution to “Problem 1” described above will fix this problem as well? Note the driveway was not at all damp when trying to remove the deck.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this.
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Did you remember to unlock the gage wheels before driving over the deck?
Make sure you're hitting the deck with both tires at the same time. If on tire hits before the other it could move the deck.
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If you look at the drive-over ramps or Load and Go's, you'll see they're not really ramps. The tires need to "climb" up onto them. If you're not square to the deck, the side you contact first can be pushed forward.
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