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First question I have is had anyone done this already? If so do you have links to this?

Second I believe it can be done. But is it worth it?

Here is my problem:
  • I have 15 to 30 degree inclines that need to be mowed
  • rear gates in property do not allow anything bigger than the with of my 445 and 42 inch deck
  • I had JD dealer here bring me several models of x300 series and all could not handle hills
  • Gates can not be moved easily and cost is much higher than modding a deck
  • lots of slope and uneven cutting which lends itself to smaller deck which I like in the 42 inch size
  • I need the weight of my 445 for the inclines to mow safely
  • 48 inch decks are out as stated above JD brought several models to my house including x300 series with 48 inch decks
  • I know the 42 inch deck may not cover the entire wheel base of the 445

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Fabrication is your only option if you don't want the 48" deck that came with the 4x5 series tractors.
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