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Hello Team,

Thanks for the add. I have referenced this forum about other stuff so I figured since I am knee deep in restoration I should join!
I purchased a 70 that sat for what appears to be 30 years, has a replacement Tecumseh V70 engine that I got running and the tractor is great.
The idea is to mow the grass, but the deck does not engage. The clutch is correct, belts correct, I am going to replace the spindle bearings, pulleys and blades when they come in.

Q: The tensioner and drive belts are on the same spindle. Is this a complete replacement? It doesn't look like it separates from the tensioner arm and brackets.
It also looks tilted which seems to affect the ability to fully catch the drive belt and spin the blades.
Thanks for the help
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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