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Model B Help Starting

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Hello All,

I am brand new to this community and was seeking some advice.

Here is the backstory:
My grandfather owned a Model B, and upon his passing 5 years ago, it has sat in the garage. I have always held both him and the tractor close to my heart and want to get it up and running again. I am fairly knowledgeable when working with engines, but lack the experience some of you are sure to have!

I do not know the exact model of the tractor - I know it is a B, but not specifically the year it was produced. My grandfather restored it before I was born and accidentally erased some of the serial numbers with a sand blaster. All that is readable now is "B ---38382". It does not have an electric start, just the flywheel to crank on.

The Problem:
Plain and simple - It won't start. I removed the carburetor to see if it was gummed up, and it was not. I know I have spark, compression, and fuel. I open the throttle and close the choke and turn the motor over with absolutely nothing to show for it except a sore back and the smell of gas. I have snooped around the forum to find any potential answers and haven't really seen anything that directly relates to my situation.

Please reach out if you have any suggestions on how to get her started again!
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That rotor button looks cruddy, I'd pull it off and wire wheel clean it. Points need to have really clean contacts. If you have access to a meter with capacitor check see what that condenser measures, should be about 0.22 to 0.47 ufd. On ohms lowest scale check from good ground to points, points closed 1 ohm or less.

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