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My shop mate recently acquired a Model H, and is restoring it beautifully. When we went to reassemble the clutch mechanism, including the belt pulley and hand brake, we just can't seem to get it right.

We are uncertain which direction of the clutch lever is to ENGAGE, vs DISENGAGE.

We still have the clutch cover off, and can observe the inner workings. It appears that pulling the clutch lever all the way back serves to engage the clutch, but that movement also tightens up the brake on the belt pulley.

We have double-checked to insure the clutch yoke is properly engaged into the "throw out sleeve", and are now just scratching our heads trying to figure out what to do next.

Can anyone shed light on our problem?

Austin, TX

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Welcome from northeastern Pennsylvania.

The correct operation of the clutch is forward to engage and rearward to disengage. The purpose of the brake pad that rides on the belt pulley is to stop the rotation of the pulley.

I don't have a definite answer about why yours operates backwards. As I recall the link from the bottom of the clutch lever to the shaft that connects to the fork is a straight link with a turnbuckle for adjustment on one end. Is it possible that the shaft and lever that connects to the fork is 180 degrees off? Do you have a Service Manual to check with? Or you can go to JD Parts and find a picture or drawing of the linkage.

Someone with first hand knowledge will see your post and give better information. The H is a neat little tractor and quite unique up here.

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Pulling the clutch lever toward the rear of the tractor disengages the clutch and applies the pulley brake pad.

You should feel a clunk when you push the lever forward. That is the clutch locking. The clunk should happen at the very end of the lever's throw.

A shop manual (a John Deere manual, not one of those crappy generic ones from tractor supply) will be a big help and they aren't that expensive.

Good luck!

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One possibility of the clutch lever operating in the opposite position, is if lever 53(red outline below) is installed 180掳 off.


The video below may help on the clutch adjustment. It's a Model A, but the H is similar. Enjoy!

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