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Moding my subsoiler............ Maybe...........

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I have a KK subsoiler that I have been using. I think I have subsoiled about 4 acres at 14"s.

So, with the 4520, I am 71"s wide. That kind of sucks because I cannot get overly close paths without running over the center of the line I subsoiled.

So, I am thinking about making a wider chisel. The current chissel is about 2.5 inches wide. I am thinking about going to about 5 inches. It makes me wonder if I would stress the KK unit too much? I have zero issue with pulling it! I think I could pull 2, and maybe that would be the way to go.... But I would like to work with what I have for now.

Any thoughts?
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I can't see any harm in running over the newly broken seam. While it may pack the top surface it would take much more weight to compact it all the way down. So no worry in my opinion. Doing so puts you about 3' on center, should be about right.
I agree with Steve, I wouldn't worry about driving back over it. But I would think a double wide unit would save a lot of time.
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