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More John Deere 1023 & 1026 Information

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Hey Gang,

Deere has updated their website with more 1000 series info.

Check it out! :yahoo:
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Good information. Now if JD would only tell us when they will be in abundant supply. Deere has definitely created the demand, now we need the supply.
A couple of things I notice; a disappointing lack of HDAP tire option.:thumbsdown:
shift on the fly transmission ????????? not available or not applicable????:unknown::thumbsdown:
the 1023 is about 50 lbs lighter than a 2210 :boredom:
1026 is about 40 lbs heavier than a 2210:munch:
price of a 1023 is still inline with 2305 pricing more or less.:unknown:
and finally; I can't afford a 1026 right now.:cray:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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