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First off, your installation looks nice. Good job.

I searched my gallery and only found 1 picture I have of the area of the back of the platform/swivel showing that bracket. I can get a better one later if you need. IIRC, that silver rod rotates as the seat is raised? So the bracket's mounting holes are pointing down with the seat tilted forward, but point back when the seat is lowered into operating position. See if this picture helps.


The seat belts: (Pulling this all from memory and pictures...I can go look at the tractor later to verify if needed) I don't believe the bracket with the belts rotate with the seat. I remember having to loosen their mounting bolts also, to allow them to flip down out of the way. I took mine off and mounted them to the seat itself. Here's a couple pictures showing that. I only weigh 140 lbs, so I'm not worried about the strength of the seat frame versus the strength of the original bracket, if I were to actually put them to use in an actual rollover. I believe they are strong enough to hold me. Plus now they pivot with the seat.



The 4 bolts: Did you mount the brackets to relocate the rear lights up higher? And did you mount the new toolbox bracket? My first thought is that's what they're for, but it's hard to tell what diameter and length they are. 8mm maybe?

Now that you have the seat swivel mounted, lube everything that moves/pivots with a long lasting lubricant. Some have reported that they like 'Super Lube'. I haven't used that in probably 30 yrs, so I can't comment. I use 'Fluid Film'. It lasts a long time and doesn't attract dirt. It'll make the seat swivel with ease. As Chuck mentioned, there's a rod with 'ball joint' swivels on the ends. Those ball joints like to break, if they're dry. Keeping them lubed (and the rest of the swivel mechanism) is the key to keep them from breaking. Others have upgraded the rod and ball joints to larger ones to help with integrity, but I found that if they are lubed, the problem of breaking goes away. After I lubed everything, I only check it once in a while to see if it needs more lube. Usually about once a year. Sometimes I give it a little blast, but usually don't have to, because the Fluid Film does such a great job.
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