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Mounting HDAP Tires

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I got a pair of HDAP tires for the rear of my X475. I grew up on a farm & changed lots of larger tires over the years, so I thought this would be a breeze.
I got the old tires off & the new tires on the rims fine.

The problem is that the beads of the HDAP tires are only 5" apart. The rims are 10 inches wide. How do I spread the tires enough to even get a chance at getting them to start holding air?

Are the HDAP tires really meant to go on narrower rims?

I have never run into anything like this before.
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Thanks for the help. I tried a small & large ratchet straps. They did not work because the beads have to spread to far.

I am not going to try the starting fluid method. I watched some videos on youtube of people doing that. Some people make it look very simple & some make it look like a nightmare.

I will go to the tire shop in the morning.
You didn't say what size tires you are putting on. Some tires are too narrow to go on wider rims, and if they do fit, then they may not perform as well as expected. If the new tires have the same size, i.e. 23 x 10.50 x 12 (the 10.50 is the width) then they should fit, but remember they're not broken in and probably will be stiffer. Also, number of plies will make a difference.
The new tires are the same size as the old tires. 26 x 12 x 12. They are the same tires that come on the new X700 series 4x4 garden tractors.
The problem is that the sidewalls curve in a lot. As I said above, there is only 5" between the beads on the tires & the rims are 10" wide. There is plenty of flex in the sidewalls.
If I could get one bead set, then I could push the rim through to get the other side to seal enough to get the tire to hold air.
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