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Specifically for John Deere Lawn and Garden Tractors. Is anyone aware of an organized cross reference chart as to what fits what machine?

I have an Lx176 which I am looking for a 38" Mulching Compatible Deck. From searching in the Part Catalog, I have determined the deck which came on the machine. But the decks are referred to by part number in the parts catalog and it would be much handier to have a range of serial number sequencing which fits that and any other machine.

I haven't found anything organized which lists various decks and telling which machines they do fit. My research tells me that a 38" deck off of a LX series machine or even any of the following machines;

325, 335, 345, 355D, LX172, LX173, LX176, LX178, LX188, LX186, GT242, GT262, GT275, GT235, GT245 GX325, GX335, GX345 and GX355.

However, when I find a deck and the owner isn't sure what it came off from, how do you cross reference the decks serial number to know its full application?

Same with the deck mounted Material Collection System Blowers. I have found a number of these for sale, but the seller's aren't sure what they fit and I would like to be able to look up the model numbers or serial numbers and know for sure what models of equipment they fit. I have searched some equipment based upon what I thought the item would fit and was able to track them down but it was very tedious and there has to be a better way..............

Is anyone aware of a compiled cross reference list of this John Deere Information?

I have found this page, but its for currently sold machines. Hopefully, there is such a resource for the older machines.

Thanks for the replies...............
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I too would like such a cross reference. My son found a 260 for $100 because it had no battery and the owner did not know if it ran. It looks like it spent a LOT of time sitting outdoors. The engine was not seized, but the starter had obviously had water in it at some time (just a lump of rust) and there was no key switch. An hour with the technical manual testing electric connections, a new key switch, starter, drive belt (no shafts on something this small?) and some TLC (he builds custom 2-stroke carbs so the fuel side was easy for him) and he has a 260 which runs well but has no deck.

Next step is sand blasting, painting, new seat, restore the hood (no cracks, just really sun faded) and he wants to add a deck.

Great idea SullyBear!
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