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Mower decks for a 425

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What decks will fit a 425 AWS? I could not find a fitment chart or cross-ref. I have a M60HDX035316.
Can ya'll post other models of decks that fit these mowers? I have found a M00160X that looks very similar. But IDK

and Happy Mowing
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Here is a chart for all attachments for the 400 series:


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More help please

OK Thanks very much for the file. Now maybe you teach me how to read it? My JD 425 AWS M00425B03190 Has this mower Deck. M060HD035316. I do not such number listed.


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Here's where using JD Parts and accessing catalog 2797 helps. Here are the deck model numbers listed for the 4X5 series:


All these decks are in catalog 2358.

The chart I listed above shows the Kit number which can't be found in JD Parts. The Kit numbers per the chart are BM & SKU17205 for the 48 inch, BM & SKU17206 for the 54 inch, and BM & SKU17220 for the 60 inch deck.
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Does anyone know if a Edge 54" deck off a 2305 will fit a 425, without any modifications?
The driveshaft fits and the rear drop arms from the tractor attach but the deck is longer front to back so the ears at the front will need to be shortened.
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