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1025r with Mauser cab.
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Personally, I find mowing with a zero turn and keeping my tractor for "other use" an ideal arrangement. I know its not for everyone, but if you have a lot of mowing and really want to get the best of both worlds, having a SCUT or CUT and a zero turn is a great combination. If you do purchase a zero turn, try and purchase a commercial grade machine as they are really made to mow.

If you have never mowed with a commercial quality zero turn mower, you really should give it a try. Once I did, I never looked back and have found the combination of the two machines really a great way to go. I leave my FEL on my tractor 90% of the time and really only remove it in the fall to put the snow plow on it. If we get a lot of snow, I might put the FEL on to move snow piles once or twice in the winter. Otherwise, I leave the plow on until its time to swap back to the summer arrangement.

That 2025r you are looking at sure is a nice clean low hour machine. I am surprised its still for sale, to be honest.........It is priced at the top of its price range, but its also very low hours and looked like a great machine. Any idea why the owner is selling it? They didn't appear to use it very much...............Also, is the seller the original owner of the tractor, or is it someone trying to flip the tractor to make some money? There are a couple of those "resellers" in your area, one I have visited is right down Byron Center road, east of your location.............
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