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MX6 question

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I'm starting to think my MX6 cutter is not set up properly.. The bars coming from the back of the mower up to the top center link seem to stick.. I was wondering if any of you guys would or could take a picture of the top section of these arms. There is a slip joint of sorts in there at the top and it seems to not be doing its job very well...

Thanks in advance..
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The following thread has a bunch of pictures of the new style 3 point links.!&highlight=mx6

This style is much easier to connect to the i-match, but it does not flex like the older style did. I find I have to tilt back my toplink quite a ways to make things work well. Without a hydro toplink, this would be a pain.

If you need the older style, I also have pictures of that as I had one also.
Thanks for the link Brian..

Well it seems it is assembled correctly.. It sure isn't smooth the way that top link works.. clunks and bangs when it does slide some times. BAH.. i might have to change something on it....
Mine is smooth, but lacks travel. Maybe some grease would help?
I have stopped short of slathering a whole tube of grease on it. I can say one thing.. The MX6 is a sapling eating limb mulching machine.. :good2: I wish i would have taken a before picture this morning.. Tomorrow is 80 acres of weeds.. going to be boring.. I need sat radio in my tractor.. its a touch to bouncy for cd's
Yup.. more travel would be good... 3 more inches in that slot would be great.. I backed off those top bolts on that link.. It works great now :thumbup1gif: .. BUT that travel issue would be nice to solve.. Maybe when i'm done the 80 acres (try not to get stuck tomorrow :nunu: ) i'll modify that bracket.. I'll have to make sure not to over extend the flex in the ujoints..
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