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My 1026R arrives...(Lots of pics)

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The 1026R arrived yesterday. It must have been an off day for the dealer because a couple things are missing, but it is no big deal. The ballast box didn't make here and they were supposed to weld three hooks to the top of the bucket and they didn't. My guess is they were trying to hurry to get it delivered, but I know they will make it right so I am not worried in the least. When I saw it on Thursday at the dealer they were waiting on a bag of parts for the 7Iron that didn't get shipped with it. Those parts were arriving Friday morning, and my guess they didn't have time to do the hooks? Interestingly enough, when the 2320 got delivered in 2007, they didn't deliver the ballast box with it either! The salesman said to play with it this weekend and then he would come up next week and go over it with me from end to end. This thing is sweet. It seems so solid and well put together. No ROPS rattle like I noticed on the demo, but my operating has so far been limited to smoother areas. The position of the seat and controls close at hand lend a very secure feel and operating position. The ergonomics are top shelf and this thing is so easy to get on and off from either side (for me anyway). The dealer also always delivers everything and parks it in front of the garage. But yesterday it got deposited just off the driveway in the lawn and the blower was left on a pallet hanging off the driveway, must have been a different driver! However, it allowed us the try out the 1026R and move the blower into the garage with the KK carry-all frame. It was so much easier to work with the 3PH than with that of the X728 due to it not being such cramped quarters. I hope to do some paint work to the blower before it is needed too much. I have included a myriad of pics. Please ignore the messes in the barn and garage, those are the jobs we do once the outside stuff is done when the hastiness of summer is a memory. I hope to use it for some outdoor chores tomorrow, but today is a family adventure day. However, we will be treading lightly tomorrow as the lawn is soaked! I really like the R4's, they were a gamble for me though. I am tired of all the grass clippings and mud that accumulate in the turfs and HDAPs and then fly all over when you try to clean them out. Hopefully the R4s will be ok. Oh and it won't fit in the garage without the ROPS folded down, no biggie. I am also going to enjoy the increased hydro speed of the 1026R over the 2320. Please forgive my random thoughts and lack of order, but I wanted to get these pics up.

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Here's a few close up's

The battery is way down there:

I have always liked square headlights and a hood ornament:

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Great looking machine,and thanks for all the detail pics!:good2:

Wow! Absolutely beautiful macine CP. Would love to see pics of you using bucket or blower.

Enjoy your new toys.....uhh, tools!:laugh:
Again CP congrats!!! That tractor is soooooo sweet!!! Thank you for all the pics and can't wait to hear how you like it!
Double Wow! That is sweet! Congrats!:good2:
Nice! Great pictures.

Congratulations CP. You and your family have a very nice piece of JD equipment there.

Have fun!
Thanks everyone for he kind words! I will probably at some point add some sort of "Adventures of my 1026R" thread. I hope to get some short videos too of a couple things. :good2:

Thanks for the post. Now come all the fun mods.:yahoo:
The close up pictures are great. I may be wrong but it looks like the change Air filter device is showing red. my tractor is not near by but i think it is clear.
Lets continue the once over of the 1026R. I have said that I think the ergonomics of the 1026R rival that of the X7s. It is a joy to use so far. The controls are laid out very well and seem to be put together as such too. My biggest complaint was the gas gauge not being on the dash. But, yeah, got over that in a few seconds! The fact that these diesels sip the fuel, also lends to the fact that you don't need to be looking at it too often. If anyone would like me to highlight another area in more detail, let me know. So here is a pictorial walk through and narration of the controls from the drivers seat:

High/Low Range selector (the white circle is the fuel gauge):

Deck height control adjustment knob and Diff. lock pedal:

Mid/Rear PTO selector lever:

2WD/4WD selector lever:

Base of Joystick w/lock out & Position Control 3PH Adjustment w/Adjustable stop & Cup Holder, storage cubbie and Power Port:

Rockshaft control knob and Seat fore/aft adjustment

Throttle and PTO On/Off knob:

Light control knob, turn signal toggle and tilt steering wheel adjustment (You can also see the cruise control paddle and parking brake paddle in the lower right):

And this isn't the best pic, but I just think its cool/scary (the tractor is smarter than me!). When starting, if the High/Low lever isn't in Neutral, you get this message in the center of the dash:
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Nice up-Date CP

Keep it coming! :good2:

Just wondering how you like it? I have just purchased the Z930A in May and though it is one grass cutting machine I need more. I am looking to trade it in on the 1026R the reviews sound great but there is not a dealer around here that has one.
Just wondering how you like it? I have just purchased the Z930A in May and though it is one grass cutting machine I need more. I am looking to trade it in on the 1026R the reviews sound great but there is not a dealer around here that has one.
Yes, they are still hard to come by. My salesman said he expects Deere to catch up on orders this winter, and then be out of them again in the spring. I demoed one just before they delivered it to the new owner. I had to wait 3 weeks for mine which was down from the 6 week wait they had told me at Labor Day. Right now my dealer has (2) 1023s on the lot and the 1026s are all sold when they arrive. BTW, we have only 4 hours on it, but we love it. My wife is coming out to help with chores...which = I do the work, while she drives the 1026R and runs the FEL.
I really enjoyed the photos. Best of luck with your new machine.
do they come with a fanny flag as standard equipment?
I am probably days away (maybe tomorrow) from pulling the trigger on a new 1026r.

Main duties will be snow removal (54" unit).

Question for the 1026 owners with are you adjusting the snow deflector? Dealer tells me a cable unit is not available yet.
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