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My 110s.

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Over the summer I picked up a 71 110 8hp manual lift to replace the 69 I took apart in high school (which I still have). I found it on Craigslist while randomly searching. It was only 10 minutes away too. The story was that it was sitting for the last 10 years, looked like it too. I paid $200 and loaded it up. When I got it home I gave it a was and a thorough look over. All I did was replace the front tires, which were both dry rotted and one was tubed, replaced the gas tank, lines filter and carb with ones off my other K181, and bought a battery and she fired up, but smoked bad. I ran it like that till the end of the mowing season and then pulled apart the engine. I replaced the piston/rings, and head gasket after cleaning it all up. Now all that's left is replacing the drive belts and fixing up the carb. I recently got a light kit off of ebay and added that as well and put my hood hinges and grill on. All I need now is the lighter and to go hrough the wiring. Now onto pics, lol.
As found:


Pulled the engine:

What I found:

All clean:

Goin back together:

Got the plow on, I had my "stepdad" make the links:

And I got a keychain:
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Welcome to DT!

Great pictures! :good2:

Thanks for posting
Great photos. Looks like you had some fun:kidw_truck_smiley: Thanks for sharing.:beer:
I love the 110's, great pics and thank you for sharing them!
Thanks for all the compliments. :) Here's the other 110:
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Cool Photos!

Sooo, what are the plans for these machines? Gonna do any restoring or are they just work horses?
The 69 will cost too much for me to restore, so it's just for parts. The 71 I use for everything and will get fixed up slowly.
Now I need another gas tank, awesome...
Great pictures. I love my compact Deere, but I definitely have a soft spot for the green garden tractors too.
The 110 112 square fender tractors are still fairly inexpensive, easy to work on ,and are very well built .I have been messing with them for several years . The cheapest way to get parts is buying a parts tractor. Keep on wrenching.
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