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Here's a funny for you all. I laughed myself after it was all over.

When I was drawing up the custom mounts for my plow mod, I was originally planning to use the 140 plow as a whole. I had to remove the hoses to change out the fittings, for the new hyd hoses I ordered. Well, half way through the rebuild I decided I was buying new cylinders. I finished the project and left the pieces on the floor by the 140. Today, I was putting things back together. I got the hoses in order, and began installing the cylinders. I "thought" the cylinders were drained of fluids, and quickly found out they were full, when I pulled the shaft. I quickly was dripping wet with hydraulic fluid as I stood there, as it ran from my face, glasses, heavily on the right chest, and right arm. The fluid went everywhere beyond as well. :unknown:

Talk about a dumb move on my part. Good thing I had my glasses on!!!
The quilted shirt was used to wipe off, me and everything else, then went in the fire pit.
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