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My 4720 Hydraulic top link, chain boxes & Saw Haul

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Finally finished the hydraulic top link install, painted it JD Green, used one 3' hose and one 4" hose. Top link is a Rugged Made, 2 1/2" X 10" X 1 1/2" rod. Installed Ken's chain boxes, and Saw Haul chainsaw holder, with an extra lower bracket to keep it from flopping around, and sliding out when removing chainsaw from scabbard. Here are some pics.


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Hey CoeyQUOTE="CoryB, post: 3938804, member: 106946"]
Where did you get the cylinder? I'm looking for one for my 4044M.
Hey Cory. I got mine from Rugged Made. If I were to do it again I would get an eight inch long stroke cylinder instead of the ten inch cylinder I got. With the ten inch cylinder and the 3pt hitch all the way down there is little if any curl back left to bring tail of implement up off the ground. Plus after having a hyd top link on my 2032R with a check valve on it. I would also want one on the 4720. The implements on the 4720 weigh much more, and make hyd top link leak down quickly. I can't really complain though for only 158.00 for the cylinder. It is VERY well made, plus I like the ORB hose connections.

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