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My 790

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I decided a couple of years ago that I needed to replace my JD 140 w/Johnson loader, before I tore the tractor up by using it too hard! Started researching the JD compacts. Looked like something in the 25-30 HP range would best suit my needs; Loader work that I had been doing with the 140, some brush cutting & blade work at the farm that I had bee using my 58-520 & finish mowing at the farm that I had been using my Bush Hog ZTR.

Started looking for a 790, 870 or something similar, eventually found one on CL w/300 loader & 5' Woods finish mower. Little over 2 hours from home, less than 400 hours, R4 tires & belly exhaust, set up just the way I wanted ($11,500). I had sold my 140 w/loader, Bush Hog, 520 & a couple other pieces of equipment that I didn't need anymore & pretty much broke even on the 790.

The 790 is just right for my needs! I've built a set of pallet forks, 5' boom, disk & utility cart for it. It handles an old 5' JD 3-pt brush cutter just fine. It's easier to haul & store than the 520. Not quite as handy as the ZTR for mowing, but gets the job done & much better for my loader work! ~~ grnspot


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cool chain box

I like that idea. I keep my chains in my ballast box for now. When I get a box blade back there I'll need a place for tow chains/strps etc. A box up front is a good idea. You just welded some angle to the grill guard and mounted the box? Do you have to remove the grill guard and chain box to get to the battery? Sometimes I put the charger on my battery (in the real cold) to keep it maintained.
Nice set-up.
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