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My Everyday Beater

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My little 2001 S10 pick-up might not be classified as truck by some of you but it hauls what I want it to. I added the high rise hood, the leather seats, and the bed liner.


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Thanks guys, it is pushing 90,000 miles. Hope to get a few more out of her. I am not really sold on the Colorado. Just re-did the suppension, new springs and shocks, new brakes, and rotors, and a new battery. Had to replace the radio and tail light lenses (were all cracked) and a new front grill emblem. The old emblem never was right from day one.
The original emblem had a defect that steadily got worse, finally replaced it. All I know is that the replacement emblem is the exact same that was delivered with the vehicle when I purchased it. Not sure about the black w/red, didn't see that in the parts listing.
Whatcha mean?
Lemme had the black w/Red outline Grille emblem?
FYI, thats the correct emblem for the eXtreme, the emblem you have on there is the "normal S10" emblem...
Now them thar is fightin' words.:nunu::lol: Actually Dave I did order this truck brand new and what you see is what I got. Maybe there was a date break on this.:unknown:
Even the parts book listed this emblem as the only replacement.

I thoutht if this emblem does not stand up, I am tempted to make my own out of aluminum and color powder coat it. Red?
Thanks Dave, I will have to keep this one in mind for later. I only half heartedly look into this time. Thanks again.
The Everyday Beater Got replaced.

This came today. Good by S10 old friend.

This New Colorado is an extended cab long bed, ash leather interior, navigation, Bose, 2wd, differential lock, spray-in bed liner, running boards, Cyber gray metallic, heavy duty floor mats, extra tie down option, 17 inch wheels. This thing is nice. I ordered it Sept 4 and got it today. 4-1/2 month delivery, good thing I am patient.

I like it.


That particular vintage, condition, and mileage is bringing $5000.

Sure is a really nice beater you have there Randy. May I ask what kind of investment it takes to own one?
The REAL John Deere guys paint the emblem JD green. I'd prove it, but it's dark and cold outside.:lol:

When Josh replaced the grill in the #6 John Deere Chevy S10 (that IS how you say it) he painted the emblem JD green. I rolled my eyes when he said he was going to do it. It actually looks pretty sharp. Maybe it just goes with the JD striping and JD decals.
HHHMmmmm. Now you got me thinking, something green and yellow.

Wow Randy that is the exact truck I am looking for except 4x4. Please let me know you impressions after you have run it for awhile. Congrats on fine looking ride.
Will do.

did you trade the s-10 in or do you still have it
Still have it listed on Craig's List. Craig's List Ad
X2! I thought they were against the law in WI.
2WD in Wisconsin?????? :drinks:

4WD is for wimps and off road. My trucks stay on the road and well, let's just say I am tough. :tongue:
No, no, no! The new one in the way I optioned it out is $34,800. You were asking about the beater.
Your new beater was only $5k?

Somebody is getting a smoking deal on your S10. If we were closer....
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Good one. :laugh:
Does your price include shipping?
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