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My first attemp at CNC "Machining" with the new Bridgeport Mill w/Video

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But I chickened out and used a pencil instead of a toolbit:laugh:

It's kind of boring, hopefully I will get better soon :dunno: Still lots of :read to do!

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Oh that is so cool ! :good2: ! There is no way in the world you could do that manually without a making a little 5 mil "oops, wrong way" hickie. (well, at least I couldn't...)

Have you used the CAD program before, or is it part of the learning curve? And once you have the drawings, how hard is it to set up the control program (or are they all one in the same?) ? I know my new PCB software is kicking me as far as learning all the features, and I've been around that block a few times before. But the learning time is all worth it.

The 3D printers have peaked my interest, but the cost and time to learn a 3D CAD program cuts down the peak.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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