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My First Zero Turn - Z545R

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This week I received my first ever Zero turn, a 2021 Z545R

I traded in my X350R with only 25 hours !!

I have about 9000sq mt of land, and a huge chunk of it is lawn and orchard, the X350 turning radius was a bit of a PITA

I managed to do a cut this week, and it took me about 60% of the time that it took with the 350R, and thats not using the bagger on the old one.

I am loving this machine, yes it's quite specific that all it really does it's mow grass, not a tractor, but I have a X585 coming that I will use as my tractor for all the other jobs I need, so this is perfect !

Loving it to bits !

Only downside, I was hoping to add a power flow and bagger to it, but the only option from JD is quite small, only 6.5 Bushel, I do wonder if it's a weight restriction a this is of course back heavy, wonder if there are any other options in the market ?

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