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My "other" (non tractor) shop - any others out there?

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I was thinking about the pictures of Randym's shop, the kennyd projects, and Steve (jenkinsph) "home brew" implements and was feeling a little inadequate. So like any other red blooded tractor lover, it's time to compensate.

Here's two shots of my electronics "shop".

Top shelf, right to left:
"junk" generator, 50Khz to 1GHz on top of line voltage variac (auto transformer).
100 KHz sine/square generator (And old Heathkit I built in 1969)
Black box above that is a waveform generator I built from scratch.
0-50V 1.5A power supply, another Heathkit
1-20V 20A HP power supply
Another Heathkit, an old 0-15V, .5A adjustable

Middle Shelf:
HP 10 KHz to 1GHz Rf generator, on top of that is 0 to 5 MHz programmable waveform generator.
10 to 100KHz FFT audio waveform analyzer.
10 KHz to 1.8GHz spectrum analyzer with tracking generator, on top of that is 400 MHz dual channel digital scope, 1K sample memory (circa 1995)
16 channel logic analyzer, 1K sample memory (circa 1998), on top of that is 6 1/2 digit multi-meter, measures down to the microvolt level, on top of that is a frequency counter.
Bench power supply, 0-6V at 5A, +- 0-25V, 1A

Another bench power supply.
Hi-Pot tester, goes up to 5KV AC, 7.5KV DC
2008 300 MHz 4 channel analog and 16 channel digital MSO scope, big screen, 2 giga-samples/sec, 8 mega samples, with various protocol analyzers. It doesn't get better than this!

Bench is 4' x 8', shelves are 2' deep so can stack up the equipment and still have work space. It's U shapped, have 2 mores sides with more computers and stuff. Also have 2 more workbenches, shelves and shelves of parts, another big closet with parts and then there's the basement with more older equipment and more parts and some metal working stuff. Shop is 1500 sq feet, has a small kitchen, 3 ton heat pump.

Next shot is main computer area (have another by the workbench, and another to the right of this picture). Apple MAC with 6 screens, two of them are the 32" 2500 pixel ones. Security camera TV, right most display is also a TV. This "desk" is two 4x8 area with the corner, so equipment does not eat up depth of the desk. No front legs so you can take the chair around to any point. Building your own desks and workbenches is important since what's available commercially is just not big enough. There is room to get around to the back of the desk and the workbenches for getting at cables. No such thing as too much horse power, no such thing as too much screen area.

Yep, I'm bragging (hopefully amongst friends) and I feel better now.

Anyone else got space for their non-tractor passions they want to share?



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Care to explain...I've got a JET Drill Press in my basement, but thinkin ahead, I've been eying this one to go in the future garage/shop...

I'll post pics of my current basement shop shortly...
-Grizzly Mill/Drill, I hate this thing! But I get by with it for now
Heres where the magic happens :drinks:
Sorry for the low quality pics...had the BB with me and figured before KennyD whooped me...:nunu:

Its a small shop...thats what I hate about it. Gotta get rid of some the Delta Dust collector in the was on clearance at lowes for 49.98...yes Forty Nine bucks...dunno if it was a mistake but I snatched it before anyone else did. :good2:


Preciesly my current problem...For example, to use my "Stand Portaband", I move the Disc/Belt sander to the floor....constantly playing musical chairs with my tools. Mini Lathe stays tucked in the corner until i need it, etc... Adds alot of time to any project when "setup & teardown" is involved.
I just need more space to be able to spread it out and use it. Right now for instance I can't set up to weld anything indoors until I make some space.
Yep, I'm hampered with daylight basement here.
Long range plans is for all the metal related tools to end up in the future shop and wood/model building related tools stay in the basement shop....
I feel your pain as I have that problem of playing musical chairs in the garage to do anything. Is your basement shop a walkout, or are you hampered by stairs like I am?

I would like to have all my stuff in one roomy place on one level and no stairs to deal with.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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