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My retaining wall replacement that has snowballed into a major landscaping overhaul pic heavy

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Well to start previous owner had a wood tie wall that over the last 10-13years was failing and collapsing forward. Here it was beforehand
Sky Building Plant Tree Wood

Also they previous owner had a stamped concrete patio installed incorrectly was not properly graded and no real sub base so it was also failing and causing the house to flood during heavy rain storms.

So I started down this path by first renting a Home Depot tractor and then rented another from private party locally.
Window Wood Building Shade Fixture

Plant Road surface Tree Slope Asphalt

Motor vehicle Plant Automotive tire Road surface Tree

Sky Tree Road surface Land lot Wood

Plant Plant community Slope Wood Land lot

So I got the wall ripped out and started tearing up the patio. But with limited time frame on the rental had also had bad rain while I had it rented turned into a mudbog even get the rental stuck for a little bit. So I decided to get my own tractor and picked up the 1025r.
Wheel Tire Sky Car Plant

Plant Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Car

And put ole green to use right away. We have also been under severe drought in Utah so now I have ripped up my entire back yard figured will xeriscape my entire property. Have had my sprinkler system shut off since July of 2021.

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tractor Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle
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Very Nice! Wondering where you get the time and energy, I get off work and hardly feel like doing anything.
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