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My various projects.

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Doing my part to help this forum get rolling is a link to my various projects.
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Thanks Darin.
The nice house is my neighbor's, mine is the non-landscaped dump.

I really like the Fenner belts. The first one I bought was for my Sears contractor's table saw. It would dance and shimmy like a cheap stripper when I shut it off. That went away as soon as I put the Fenner belt on. That was enough to sell me on them that I use them on all my belt driven equipment except my L-130 lawn tractor. I asked Fenner if I could use them on the lawn tractor and they didn't recommend it.

A friend of mine built a repetitive test rig for the pressure sensors he invents, and he was having vibration roblems skewing his test results. I clued him on the Fenner belts, which he installed on his test rig and he's happy.
I see you're using the Fenner drive belts, how smooth do they run. I have a Delta table saw I bought years ago. It ran rough when I got it so I machined all the pulleys on mandrels and now it's very smooth but I'm still using the original belt.

Nice house!

Please post pictures of your restored horse trailer and harrow upgrade.

Thanks for looking at my projects.
You did a good job on that trailer.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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