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I thought I would post this in case someone else searches the forum for this issue.

Last year, our 2012 x320 (about 550 hours) would just shut down while mowing, It normally takes me about 3 hours to complete all of the mowing. Sometimes I could mow for an hour or so with no issue, then the mower would just shut down. No sputtering, just a hard shutdown. On a few occasions, if I was quick, I could shut off the PTO and keep the mower running. Then I might need to feather the choke to keep it running. It seemed that if I parked it for an hour or so and let it cool down, I could complete the mowing.

Things got worse through this Spring with the mower cutting out more often. Even if I let it sit and cool down for a few hours, it would do the same thing. When I did successfully start it, I would hear the click of the time delay module, so I knew that was OK.

Here is the process I went through to fix it.

In case it was a fuel issue, I had already replaced the fuel filter. I also replaced the fuel pump and it would squirt plenty of fuel. I had replaced the spark plugs. Both had good spark. I pulled the plugs one at a time to confirm spark (when the mower had cooled own), and the mower would run on one cylinder, so both plugs and coils seemed OK.

I talked to a JD mechanic at the local shop and asked if he thought it could be the electronic control unit. He suggested getting 2 in-line spark plug testers, put them on and run the mower until it cut out. When it cut out, try starting and see if both cylinders were getting spark. I bought 2 cheap testers from Harbor Freight and put them on. When the mower cut out, I jumped off and tried to start and neither plug checker was lighting up. I thought that the odds of both coils going bad at the same time was a bit slim. I replaced the electronic control unit (about $100) and the mower has run fine since.

This process might help you trouble shoot your mower if you have the same issue. Check fuel delivery, check spark from plugs, use in-line tester to see if coils are bad, then maybe you should replace the ECU.
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