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Need a bench grinder for sharpening mower blades

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The last time I had my mower blades sharpened, it was $8 each. That's about half the cost of a new blade, and up considerably from $3 a decade ago. So it's time for me to get a bench grinder so I can sharpen my own blades. These are the blades on my mid mount mower, not the big MX6 rotary cutter.

I got a flyer from Northern Tool with some discount coupons it in. They have a 6" grinder on sale and you can also apply the coupons. Now I don't want the one they show because I'd like one with a light on it.

Now keep in mind this is for weekend warrior use. I don't even have a welder (there was one for sale in the catalog, but I'm not going there....). I've got a 4.5" hand held grinder, but it sure seems like using that on mower blades that are off the mower is going to cause more trouble than it solves (although they are tempting to use to touch up the MX6 blades). So what should I get?

Size of the grinding disk?
Work light?
Stand or Table top mount?
HP of motor if it matters?
And all the other stuff I just don't know enough to ask?

TIA and when the mowin' is over I can't wait to get to the seasonal grind :laugh:.

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Can't help with what bench grinder, don't like them, too many horror stories. I buy a set of new blades every year. My dad sharpened his blades all the time and then he complained about the thin strip of grass the was not getting cut all because the distance between the blade tips just keeps getting bigger and bigger with every sharpening. Or he would complained about the vibration in the mower deck, blades out of balance, and then his spindles would go south. I guess for commercial mowing sharpening the blades may be the way to go. Just not for me and home use.
A good grinder is about as much as a good multi-meter. Why is it so easy to buy the multi-meter and so hard to buy the grinder :unknown:?

Boy what a great question. After all the years I have struggled with certain purchases I would really like to know the answer to this question.:munch:
Can you explain that please? Properly sharpening a blade does not shorten it:confused:
Why didn't he just balance them?
Mower blade lengths are measured diagonally from cutting tip to cutting tip and every time you sharpen them the blade width gets smaller, hence a shorted blade. Especially with worn blades that have rounded tips and they all do depending on wear and sharpening.
Take a look at well used blades still on the mower. Turn two blades (three blade deck) so the tips are at their closest position to each other, you may need to spin one blade while holding the other. On correct new blades the tips will just miss each other. Put a new set on and do the same thing. If the old blades have been sharpen a lot the distance between the tips will be a lot further than the new blades.

As far as my father balancing the blades.....I have no idea. God rest his soul.
I did not know that...Thanks:good2:
From you, that can only be a compliment:cheers:
Of course!
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