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for occasional help in tree work and to ride in the pickup just in case . . .

Cursory shopping on Amazon shows a two-ton to four-ton come along priced in the neighborhood of $30 to $50 depending on whether you select two-ton or four-ton capacity..

A relatively inexpensive choice would be this TEKTON four-ton model price at $46. Reviews aren't all that great. The largest problem seems to be a tendency to 'hang up' when trying to lengthen the cable due to interference and faulty cable guides. For my use, this would result in considerable frustration. :banghead:

A better come along made by Lugall is in the two-ton capacity range but costs considerably more . . . actually $250. Maybe worth it but a little pricey for my limited use.

Has to be some middle ground . . . maybe I just haven't looked hard enough. If any of you guys know of a reliable come along at a reasonable price I sure would like to know about it!
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I've owned a come-along for as long as I can remember. Used many times in the woods when we were getting firewood with hand tools. Have also used them to extract stuck vehicles.

It seems there isn't much choice.

For the cheapest or the cheap -,f,EAFeatured+Weight,f,Sale+Rank,f&q=Come+along

Or from a rigging supplier - don't look much different than the Harbor Freight stuff -

Just not a popular item anymore with so many configurations of power winches available today.

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I'd be hard pressed to give $250 for a cable come along.

I have a good chain one, but it's heavy as heck, so I bought a cheap-o cable one from Home Depot for light duty stuff,
think around $36.
Works great for quick, light duty (2 ton or less) stuff.
Never had trouble pulling cable slack, think that the folks who do ain't too swift, imho. :dunno:
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