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The wheel set in your stock photo is the set. I bought it when it was $100 cheaper but had to order three times to get a complete set. Packaging was atrocious and parts kept getting lost along the way. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

The wheels on the set are too close to the rake to work well. I ended up modifying mine. That said mine are sitting in the barn removed from the rake right now. You can regulate rake height pretty good with your 3pt adjustment.

Standard square tube will not fit tight unless you get interchanging sizes and then you will have to grind the weld out of the inside of the larger tube. Typical trailer hitch size has 2" OD tube inside 2-1/2", 1/4" wall tube. I have seen lazy people use 2-1/2", 3/16" wall tube for the outer. 2" slides inside without having to grind anything but it fits sloppy.

The tube on my titan set was 2" ID so I cut them and added a piece of 2" inside to extend them.

Here is a photo of my modified set.

You can buy wheels, forks, and spacers from Agri Supply. This set for a Coroni mower says the shaft is 31/32" so I assume it fits nice in a 1" ID pipe or tube. As noted if you buy tube it is sold OD so you determine ID by subtracting the wall thickness times 2 from the OD.
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