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Need help selecting material...

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I'm guessing there is an easy answer to my question, but I just don't know the answer. I want a set of wheels for my landscape rake like the picture below, but like a lot of other folks I don't want to pay $2-300 for the wheels. I can make these, I'm confident in that, but what I don't know is how to select the right piece of "pipe" that will allow the shaft on the wheel to fit. For example, if I got 3/4" round bar for the wheels what is the best way to select material for the bushings to adjust the height and the small piece attached to the square tubing? Do I just get 3/4" black pipe and maybe run a drill bit through the pieces after I cut them down? I have the same question honestly about finding square tubing that "nests" together like a trailer hitch/receiver combo. The metal supplier I doesn't show ID dimensions of anything and its not really setup for me to walk around to test fit pieces.

Any advice?

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I used 1 1/2 square tube and 1 1/4 pre drilled square tube which slides into the 1 1/2. 4 " flat bar and angle bar. All items can be gotten at home depot or lows. Tires came from tractor supply which was the most expensive part of project. The tube was 14 guage or 3/32 for thickness.

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