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Need some help with well pump/pressure tank diagnosis.

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Hi all.

I figure with all the knowledgeable folks and varied backgrounds, someone here can help.
I am having some issues and not sure where to start, so Ill try to describe whats going on.

Info I know about the system. If Im missing something, let me know and Ill find it.
Well is 70' deep
20 gallon pressure tank, in crawl
30-50 pressure switch
Pump is original as far as I know, from 1992

We've been in this house a bit over 5 years.
Initially, we had great water pressure. Actually, its been great until just the last several months. Started just before Winter Id guess.
Its not bad, but not near what it used to be, judging only by water flow at faucets.
Getting to the tank is a bit of a process, as its in the crawl, and while the access is in the house, its in a closet, and said closet is in constant use, so it has to be cleared out first.
I had concerns initially because the pump/system is noisy. Id never heard much from wells Id been around before moving here, other than a slight hum when the pump was running. This one, you hear a louder hum when running, and a clunk when it shuts off.
From what Ive read, that clunk could be a bad check valve. No idea about the louder sound of the pump.

I had planned initially to replace everything in the crawl but the incoming 1" line from the well, and go to a 40-60 switch, 20gal tank, either fiberglass or steel, and a cycle stop valve to keep the pressure steady at 50psi while its running. Those are really cool by the way if anyone runs water more than just showers and such.

Now Im a bit concerned that the lower pressure could be the pump failing.
It could also be the pressure tank, or even the pressure switch.

Any way to tell for sure?
I dont really mind replacing the pump, as I can likely pull it myself from 70' down, and at nearly 30 years, its probably getting close to the end of its life anyway, but Id like to know for sure whats going on.
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So it sounds like the only problematic symptom is low pressure? It sounds like your pump is running and cycling normally. If your pump was not able to produce the pressure needed, the pump would never turn off because the pressure switch would never be satisfied. So I don't think the pump is the problem. The air bladder could need a little air, but that's not going to cause low pressure. If the bladder was ruptured holding no air at all, your tank wouldn't pressurize and the pump would be wham-bam-slam short cycling every time you run water. It would produce very very obvious water hammer rattling all the pipes. So I don't think that's the problem either. You don't have filters, so nothing is clogged and that's not the problem.

This really leaves only one thing that I would bet is the problem. Your pressure switch is probably just set too low. This could have vibrated over time, or the springs are just showing age. Either way, I'd bet the gauge will be reading more like 25-35 or something lower than you'd want. If it is the adjustable type of switch, just adjust the screws to obtain the pressure range you want. All will be well again. haha. See what I did there?

I run 45-65 on mine. I like high volume water. I recommend against 70+ since the cheap flush float valves in toilet tanks tend to start getting unhappy after that.
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