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ok-yesterday one of neighbor's, a retired guy now-who grew up farming and milking on his dad's farm, about 3 miles from my place. offered me to buy one of his hill side hitches they had for their 2 cylinder jds back in the day.

i said i don't know if i really need one-as i think they was designed for being used to help throw the dirt uphill-at least that's what i was told as a kid. both my paps had them, should still be one in my aunts little barn, from when it was on his 50 too. i don't know if she let it go with the 50-when it left or not.:dunno:i highly doubt if it still there -if she would even consider selling it, as i asked about several things of my uncles-but she refused to sell any of his

so u older fellas-that get around a good bit--what's a hill side hitch going for nowadays--and do i need one if i'm not even plowing anyways.:dunno:

my uncle who passed away-claimed he hated it-so he took it off his 50, and we sat in the corner of the barn, boy my pap was mad at him for a good while. he claimed it was quite handy to use-:dunno:

i have been searching for a pic of a hill side hitch, but :dunno:can't find one yet. found the sickle bar mower hemi bought for his model H-with a nice looking blonde haired gal on the tractor:lol:

greenspot110--did ur dad have a hillside hitch on any of there tractors back then?

ok-thanks for any help in this search!:munch:
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