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new 1025r - filled wheels & spacers

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I just purchased a 1025r (Loader & backhoe) but will not be delivered for about 1 week. I live in a hilly area and was thinking of putting wheel spacers in. I would also like to fill my tires. My question is - should I have the dealer fill the tires with rim guard, then try and install the wheel spacers myself with heavy tires, or just buy the rim guard and try and fill the tires myself after I put on the spacers. I don't have a trailer so taking it back to the dealer to fill the tires is not a good option.

I hope to have very little/no time going sideways on the hills - only up and down but at a fairly steep angle. I cut my grass with a x590. I want to keep the backhoe on when going up and down the hills.
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While I've seen videos on do it yourself filling tires with liquid, I would suggest just having the dealer do it. I don't have a backhoe, but it seems having extra weight low in the tires would be helpful with a backhoe as it does extend up so I assume it's not exactly the same as pure rear ballast.

As Jimmy mentioned, doing spacers is a DIY job. Mine are in the mail right now and in a week I'll know how hard it is with filled tires. There are several ways to deal with the tire weight. However, getting them back onto the studs of the wheel spacer should be easier than using the original bolt method.
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