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New 1025R, what do I need now?

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I just signed the papers on a new 1025R, mechanical mower lift + 120R FEL, Box blade, 60D autoconnect mower w/ autoconnect PTO and load n go, fixed 42” forks, what do I need now?

I understand the major attachments depend on how I intend to use the tractor, but what accessories, tools, supplies, etc should I also get?

I’ve ordered or bought or have:
  • descent basic tools
  • angled pliers
  • 250 ft-lb torque wrench
  • front & back tow hooks
  • 6” step
  • left & right FEL mounted handles
  • diff lock pedal
  • chain hooks for FEL bucket
  • 50 hour filter + fluids
  • rhinohide canopy
  • lock’n’lube
  • lube shuttle + MOS grease
  • diesel gas cans

what else should a new tractor owner look at or be sure to get?

Thank you!
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You may want to get these too.

LVA16296 John Deere RH Adjustable Lift Link - LVA16296
Mount on the left side so you can pick 3 point attachments up about 2 inches higher

John Deere Compact Utility Tractor Seat Cover - LP68694
Seat cover is a must have item!

John Deere Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) Warning-Light Brush Guard Kit - BLV10400
Highly recommended. They have saved my lights on multiple occasions.

John Deere 72-lb Cast Iron Rear Wheel Starter Weight - UC13499

If you have hills, you may want to look into wheel weights and spacers. Mine used to be tipsy but its so much better since i put on 1.4 inch spacers and the 72 lb iron weights.

You can get everything except the spacers from your dealer or through online sites like GreenPartStore - John Deere Parts and More - Parts for John Deere Lawn Tractors, John Deere Lawn & Garden Tractors, John Deere Mowers, John Deere Attachments, John Deere Accessories
or Green Farm Parts - John Deere Parts Catalog Online Store

Congrats on your new machine
The 5 ft tiller would be a heavy enough ballast but the problem is at full lift height the tines are gonna be about 3 inches off the ground. It will drag if you transition over any inclines or hit any bumps.
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